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Live Project: EOB Esports

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Before the EOB Esports Course, I was just sitting at home, on my own and playing video games. I’ve stayed in touch with my course mates and I’ve now got a full time job.




I got to meet some industry professionals which provided a great insight in how to get a foothold in the creative industry. I loved the team building throughout the project.




The EOB Esports Academy gave me such a great experience; I grew as a person and the best thing of all I ended up in a career working for Clock Ltd, a digital agency that makes websites for the likes of Riot Games!



Mark Cox, UK Head of Publishing, Riot Games.

“This is a great initiative and a brilliant way of using League of Legends as a tool to teach teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship. We are proud to support young people through WUWO Media and the EOB course as well as helping The Prince’s Trust, the course also spreads the word about how Esports can help build communities and develop individuals”.

Neil Pymer, Interactive Creative Director, Aardman.

“Aardman is happy and excited to be working with WUWO Media as part of their E.O.B Esports Initiative. Game design workshops can give an insight into our brainstorm processes which form the basis of all our game creations. It’s great to share our skills with WUWO’s team and support young futures by inspiring the next generation of creatives.”

Rob Arnold, Chief Operating Officer, Clock Ltd.

“Supporting WUWO on the EOB project is something that Clock Ltd are both passionate and excited about. All the team at Clock want to get involved lending a hand, helping the new generation of digital professionals get an insight into our working world. Having our own League of Legends team based at Clock, we will also make it our priority to teach the EOB team a lesson or two!”

Paul Beesley, Director for Central England, The Prince's Trust.

“We are delighted to partner with WUWO Media on their EOB Esports Academy to help young people gain the skills and experience they need to forge a career in the esports, digital and cyber industries. By attending events, hearing from guest speakers and learning from experts, this course will inspire the group and open their eyes to different employment opportunities within the digital world.”

History of Esports

Esports (Electronic Sports) is a style of competition based on live gaming. The competitors of esports are usually professional gamers who battle against each other for a certain prize…

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Effects of gaming on young people

Video gamers can also develop reading and maths skills, as gamers need to read to get instructions, follow storylines of games, and get information from the game texts.

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Why League of Legends Training in Education?

We at WUWO Media realise that gaming can be used to positively impact young people. It’s accessible, fun, and, most importantly, centred around working together to reach a common goal.

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The Esports Observer publishes an article offering an insight into what an Esports Academy looks like.

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EOB Welcomes 12 New Students to Watford

A new beginning, 12 new students in the EOB Watford office. The new 4-week course will be focussing on Riot Games League of Legends,

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EOB, The Sutton Set Up

‘A look in pictures’ at the set up of the new EOB Esports Academy centre in Sutton. Partnering with the team at Sporting Chances

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British Esports Article about the EOB Esports Academy

The British Esports Association recently visited the new education initiative. How does it work? Rob Allen reports. A new Enemy of

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Esports Education London WUWO Media

WUWO Media’s, EOB Esports Academy partners with Sporting Chances to offer young people an esports education London programme.

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Aardman Take EOB Game Designing

Aardman Animations, four Times Oscar Winning Studio Behind Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep,

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Esports Education by WUWO Media

Digital Agency Clock hosts WUWO Media’s, EOB Esports Academy for the Prince’s Trust Young People. Digital agency Clock,

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